Day 1 – Monday Nov 26


Events for day one of the Msacroa conference.

Day 1

Events for Monday, November 26th

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12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


More Connected Than Ever, More Isolated Than Before

Guest Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Paul Gordon Brown

Social and digital technology provides us with the opportunity to connect and collaborate like never before, but it can also make us feel isolated. These tools have immense power and reach. If harnessed well, they can open the door to opportunity and connections like never before. The presenter for this keynote, Dr. Paul Gordon Brown, spent years studying the impact of social and digital technology on college students and has taught classes for emerging and senior professionals alike on the importance of using these tools for professional success—both on campus and personally. This session will address the power and opportunity that our new networked world provides and the struggles and challenges we and our students encounter when navigating it. You will leave with a better understanding your own relationship with technology, how to leverage it for success, and attend to your “digital wellbeing.” Get ready to go forth and tweet!